Nexfil specialized in window films has exported more than 93% of productions to over 60 countries in the world for last 10 years.

Nexfil specialized in window films has exported more than 93% of productions to over 60 countries in the world for last 10 years.
Our company has manufactured our proud Super IR Films with (more than 99% of)the heat rejection ratio and films from the only Chip Dyed in our country based on the advanced coating facilities & the excellent technology
In addition, our company, Nexfil, has developed as the only company having all technologies manufacture window films with the various metals deposition technique such as titanium, copper, aluminium, silver, ITO, etc around the world, by introducing the advanced sputter equipment in 2008.
Nexfil will make a constant effort to improve the worldwide best technology & quality in future until our company becomes the No. 1 in the world, not satisfying the current No. 1 in korea. Please share with us!

Thank you.


01.02.26 ─ Nexfil Co. Ltd established
02.09.24 Designated a Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier Enterprise

03.09.04Designated a Prospective Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
04.01.29 Cotus Co. Ltd. established
04.08.25 Designated an Export Prospective Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
04.11.09 Designated an enterprise alternative to military service
04.11.26Won 5 million dollar Export Tower Award

05.03.30Nexfil Germany Co.,Ltd established
05.04.23 Nexfil China Co.,Ltd established
05.04.30Designated a venture enterprise (Advancedtechnology business)
05.05.06 Acquired ISO 9001 certification
05.06.30 Affiliated Research Institute established
05.07.29 Awarded NEP(National Excellent Product) Certification by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

05.10.13 Profiled on the SBS TV program,"The power of Small and Medium-sized business of Korea"

05.10.30 Acquired ISO 14001 Certification
05.12.13 Nexfil's Plant #2 established
05.12.29 Certified NET by Ministry of Science and Technology
05.12.29 Awarded "2005 Seo-Kyeong Emerging CEO Management award" by Seoul Economy Newspaper

06.06.30 Designated an Excellent Product by Public Procurement Service (PPS)

06.07.01Established consortium with Korea Institute of Energy Research (Selected as R&B Government Support Business)

06.09.21 Presented a paper at the 5th National Defense Symposium (Research on bulletproof safety film)

06.12.01Chosen for December's special thesis presentation for the Academic Journal of Korean Institute of Metals an d Materials
(Research on bullet-proof of safety film)

07.09.01 Designated Gyeonggido's Prospective Small and Medium sized Enterprise
08.12.01The latest SPUTTER Equipment introduced
08.12.31 Nexfil USA Co.,Ltd Established

09.11.30 Won 20 Million Dollars Export Tower Award on the 46th Trade's day Awarded Knowledge and Economy Minister's prize

10.05.14 Selected for Government project for KTL Consortium
10.06.17 Certified EPC of UV hardened transparent heat shielding film (SMBA)

11.04.01 Brand "Nexgard" launched
11.08.01 Installed cutting edge deposited film manufacturing equipment
11.12.28 Awarded the grand prize for Gyeonggi Small and Medium sized Enterprise

12.04.26 Certificate of Green Technology
13.01.11 Patented a new method in sputtered-IR film manufacturing