• The only manufacturer capable of producing all types of films in the country.

Nexfil is the only film manufacturer that enables to produce all kinds of films because Nexfil is fully equipped with a wide range of productive facilities, from basic facilities for film production to special facilities for producing specific film products.

Especially, since equipped with Sputtering System, the newest and most effective method for adding a heat rejection function on films, Nexfil is capable of producing superb architectural heat rejection films by using various metals as metal targets and by producing metallic layers with multilayered structure. In addition, Nexfil produces films with a wide range of colors not through a common gluing process but through a chip dying process. The films manufactured through the chip dying process, a process to produce colored PET films by mixing color chips and clear chips, has superb prevention effects for decolorization and discoloration. Besides Sputtering System, Nexfil's newest Vacuum Metal Coating facilities apply Vacuum Metal Coating, which is another technology for metal thin films, and produce films with excellent heat-shielding effects and economical prices.


Manufacturing Plant Ⅰ

Manufacturing Plant Ⅰ is the place where Nexfil Research & Development center is located and where sputter facilities and coating lines are in 24/7 full operation. This is the place that FIRSTCLASS, the aggregate of ultra-precision technologies, is produced.

Manufacturing Plant Ⅱ

Manufacturing Plant Ⅱ is the place where Nexfil's main manufacturing facilities are concentrated in and where Nexfil films are produced to satisfy the various needs of customers in more than 60 countries. In addition, this is the place that the fastest coating facilities working at full capacity and front edge Vacuumed Metal Coaters are located and where raw materials needed for production are produced and managed.


Sputtering System

Nexfil's sputter coating system produces films with a high visibility through thin-layer coatings to beautify the natural colors of metals and through ultra-precision coating technologies to produce elegant coated film surfaces. It also realizes various reflections according to the types of metals.

Vacuumed metal coater

Nexfil's Vacuumed metal coater enables the uniform deposition of films through a high precision coating technology, It produces highly stable and durable films and enables to adjust temperatures to the different melting points of various metals which were the limitation of the past deposition machines.

Coating system

Nexfil's Coating System includes 5 two heads coating machines that enable to cover the entire process of film production, from dye coatings on film surfaces to adhesion coating on release films. Nexfil's Coating System enhances film uniformity, improves production precision and materializes high speed coating. Though this Coating System, Nexfil is producing films exported to the global markets by the minute.


PET system is the essence of Nexfil's own CHIP-DYEING technology. Nexfil's PET system produces Nexfil's unique CHIP-DYED films with a superb contractibility from high clarity PET films. Nexfil produces dyed films with a wide range of colors and an excellent durability, far beyond monotonous black tinting films.