Ceramic Film

Nexfil's Ceramic Film (Infrared Radiation Film) shields detrimental ultraviolet rays and the radiant heat of infrared lights from solar energy. This is the world-best film product that was developed by Nexfil's exclusive technology. Ceramic Film blocks up to 99% of radiant energy of infrared lights and passes up to 65%-70% of visible rays.

  • Blocks at most 99% of infrared radiation by Nexfil's front edge nano-ceramic technology
  • Blocks over 90% of infrared radiation and ultraviolet rays and maintains its high visible transmittance at the same time.
  • Prevents decolorization caused by the discoloration or oxidation of dyes.
  • Improves energy efficacy by blocking solar heat.
  • Shields your eyes against a glare.
  • Prevents color fading, decolorization or discoloration, and blackening by sunlight.
  • Blocks at least 98% of harmful UV radiations causing skin cancer, freckles, and eye damage.
  • Prevents the breakage and scattering of glass.

Sputter Film

Sputter Films are produced by sputter coating, a sputter deposition process to cover a specimen with a thin layer of metal, and are widely used for buildings in developed markets such as U.S. Nexfil's front edge Sputter Films have already gained international and regional acclaims. You can easily find the hotels and building that Sputter Films were installed while traveling in places like Las Vegas.

  • Reduces cooling system usages in the summer by blocking solar heat and radiation energy.
  • Solves imbalances in indoor temperatures.
  • Maintains refreshing indoor environments due to its low heat absorption rate that reduces heat energy reemitted indoors.
  • Prevents color fading, decolorization or discoloration, and blackening by sunlight.
  • Blocks at least 98% of harmful UV radiations causing skin cancer, freckles, and eye damage.
  • Blocks at least 98% of harmful UV radiations causing skin cancer, freckles, and eye damage.

Chip Dyed Film

Nexfil's Chip-Dyed Film is manufactured from original clear PET and colored PET which are produced through the process of using color PET chips, not simply spreading colors on clear films. Chip dyed type window films are the products coated with clear adhesives on color polyester films which are colored at the stage of production. Chip dyed type window films have great appearances, and outstanding productivities, no change in color. Chip dyed film products have gained in popularity across countries, in places like United States and Europe. Nexfil is the only company that has facilities and technologies for PET window film production in this country.

  • high durability against discoloration and fading
  • Offers a wide range of colors, unlike monotonous black colors offered in the past years.
  • Improves aesthetics and privacy protection.
  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation
  • Scratch resistant hard coating.
  • Easier for shaping and installation

Silver Film

Silver Film is one of the most popular Nexfil products manufactured from state-of-the-art vacuum evaporation coating facility in that it has unmatchable heat rejection properties and highly economical price. Nexfil's Silver Film prevents oxidation, a drawback of standard silver films, so it improves product life by a large margin. Silver Films are all available in models across the visible light zone.

  • 99.9% high purity vacuumed metal coating.
  • Offers a wide range of reflectivity enabled by a high-precision vacuumed metal coater.
  • Provides outstanding heat rejection due to molten coating with various metals.
  • Prevents thermal breakage of glass due to metal coating having a low absorption rate.
  • Provides superb visibility enabled by high-precision coating technology and by production from high transparent PET films.
  • Offers superior cost performance.
  • Blocks more than 99% of harmful UV radiation.
  • Easier installation due to its excellent adhesive properties.

Safty Film

Nexfil's Safety Film has an outstanding anti-shattering function which is essential performance for standard films with the purpose of safety. Our Safety Film provides an enhanced degree of safety by holding broken glass together in the event of glass breakage. Furthermore, Nexfil's Safety Film improves the strength of glass with its high capability of resistance to external stimulation. Safety Film is one of the products that we can proudly present to you because of its higher ultimate tensile strength and higher elongation. In addition, Nexfil's Safety Film can provide you a wide range of choice in that you can decide whether to add colors and heat rejection properties.

  • Protects people and properties in the event of natural disasters such as earthquake and storm.
  • Increases safety and security.
  • Provides superb durability guaranteed by polymer adhesive technology which is highly resistant to external shocks.
  • Saves costs, compared with installing safety glass.
  • Maintains its quality due to scratch-resistant coating.지
  • Secures a clear view due to its high visible transmittance (VT).
  • Rejects more than 99% of UVA and UVB light.