Human Resource Development

Ideal employees that Nexfil wants are the leaders who maximize their competence to achieve Nexfil's vision with a sense of ownership. To turn talented people into leaders, Nexfil identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each person through open communication, and encourages self-development to accomplish self-realization in the end.


1. We make an effort to share the vision with our employees.

  • Sharing the vision with all the members of our company is profoundly important for the development of the company and for personal development of each member. We constantly try to encourage our members to move forward with the same vision toward one shared goal.

2. We let each member of our company maximize their competence.

  • We offer various educational programs in order to support each one of the members to reach his or her full potentials and so let them work to the best of his or her ability, not only for the company but also for him or herself.

  • - Training as global experts : We offer various language programs to get a foothold in overseas markets.

    - Training as professionals : We educate all of the members to be the professionals through systematic training on a wide range of working knowledge and of know-how to improve their competency. Our training will help you work proactively in realistic work environment.

    - Developing leadership : We support various leadership programs to improve each member’s leadership systematically.

3. We support various leadership programs to improve each member's leadership systematically.

  • We have various competency development programs to help you achieve self-realization through maximization of your value.