Management Vision

NEXFIL practices management that shares the responsibility for our society, nation, and world. While pursuing profit by meeting the company's target and simultaneously seeking NEXFIL's continuous growth, every individual member considers he social responsibility behind our actions.

Furthermore, we vow to lead the industry with innovation and constantly challenging ourselves in production, distribution, and overseas exportation. Through honesty mirrored in our quality guarantee and transparent management of the employees, NEXFIL strives to build trust in our relationships with the customers and partners. Trust that stems from customer satisfaction and symbiotic relationship with partners will ensure NEXFIL's bright future. NEXFIL is a company for people. We progress to a brighter future with NEXFIL's efforts guiding each employee with their own development.


Key Values

NEXFIL embodies the following key values and endeavors to become a representative brand of Korea.

  • NEXFIL is a business that holds a sense of responsibility towards our society, nation, and world.
  • Through innovation and challenging ourselves, we aim to be Korea's principal enterprise.
  • We pursue infinite trust founded on honesty and transparency.
  • We seek self-actualization through our members' spirit of ownership and passion.
  • We are a company that advances together with our internal and external partners.

Message from CEO

Welcome. Thank you for visiting the NEXFIL homepage. For the past two decades, NEXFIL has been working towards popularization and quality enhancement of the window film industry in the center of the film market through film production, distribution, and overseas exportation. We venture to solidify our standing as a global company by instigating a shift in the general consumers' perception, selection of heat rejection films as a national energy-saving product, steady research and development geared towards improving the quality of the film, and continuous overseas exportation of quality products. All these efforts have built the NEXFIL of today, and will continue to strengthen NEXFIL in the future. NEXFIL hopes to elevate to a social enterprise by growing together with other members of this society. I invite you to join us on our journey as we grow NEXFIL into a centennial company. Thank you.


NEXFIL contributes to the formation of a healthy society by participating in various acts of community service.

NEXFIL's Social Contribution and Philosophy