Business Part

NEXFIL pursues seeking new challenges and innovations

Window film

NEXFIL possess not only basic facility but also specialized facility that enables to produce specific products. This enables us to produce all kinds of film in Korea, uniquely.

Possess all facilities that is needed

We possess all kinds of machines that can produce SPUTTER, CHIP-DYED, CERAMIC, SILVER, SECURITY FILM etc. Which literally enables us to produce all kinds of window film that exists in the world in present. Also, we can produce various colors and insert various functions inside the window film.

With this best facility, our daily producing capacity is 270,000㎡, which is over 3rd times of Korea territory. In addition, we have adopted ONE-STOP producing process which minimizes defectiveness and also produce the best product in a short period of time.

Customized product

As we possess facility that enables us to produce various window films, NEXFIL is the only company that can customize your product in the world.

We are producing films based on considering the environment that the films will be attached, color, quality, density that can satisfy our customer’s needs. Moreover, we are challenging to produce to produce various types of films that the market needs.

We are also continuing to invest generously in developing various films that we will need in the future through constant research and challenge to novelty

Organized world-wide selling chain

Branch offices are established by continents around the world, including the United States, China, and Europe, and there are sales corporations by country.
Through this global sales management network, we are selling films smoothly, managing customers continuously, and responding quickly. It also collects demand for films from countries with different environments, enabling better film production.

Certified product

NEXFIL’s window film has been exported to 60 countries in the world, used by many customers and attached to lots of architectures and cars. Endless operation of our producing line literally means that NEXFIL’s film is loved by all over the world and has proven its superior quality. In addition, various models that has been used for architectures achieved ‘HIGH EFFICIENCY ENERGY MATERIAL’ from Korea.